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Spanish Soup as a Hangover Cure

How does one make Ajo Blanco, a traditional Spanish almond and garlic soup? You can try to Make Spanish soup with blender if you have been dealing with hangover issues whenever you go out and party hard. And did you know that this particular cold soup relieves the sluggish effects of overindulgence? Follow this simple recipe for a healthy and nutritious cure.Some years ago, while living in Spain, I wrote down this recipe for a beautiful traditional Spanish soup. Apart from the fact it is bursting with goodness, it is really delicious and, apparently, a perfect hangover cure.In Spanish, this soup is called Ajo Blanco (white garlic).


ajo blanco

For this recipe, you will need to prepare some ingredients. Knowing the best technique to process the ingredients will also make it easier for you to cook the recipe. The ingredients include 175 grams of ground almonds, four big cloves of garlic (or less), one thick slice of damp white bread, 100 ml of virgin olive oil, Iced water and a splash of lemon juice or green grapes. After all the ingredients are gathered, it is time to cook them.


Peel and crush the garlic. Add the garlic to the almonds and bread and process in a food mixer until smooth. Add the olive oil drop by drop. Then add the iced water to the food mixer until the soup is like a thick cream. Finally, add the lemon juice and some salt to taste.Another type of almonds can be used instead, but ensure they are fresh ground or soak blanched almonds in milk to soften them first.To serve, add either peeled muscat or green seedless grapes floating in the soup.


I suspect ‘hangover’ cure is due to the fact this soup has so much garlic, which, of course, is the king of all healing plants and known for its benefits to the circulation as well as being a general tonic. Almonds are highly concentrated food, rich in protein and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, and iron. They also aid digestion, so we can see why a good-sized bowl of Ajo Blanco could be beneficial if one has over-indulged the night before.


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